3D Sand Printing

Sand printed moulds and cores allow us to manufacture castings with complex geometry, all the while eliminating the need for cumbersome tooling.


Design, Build & Iterate

Sand printing gives you increased design freedom you never thought possible with your castings. Conceive and print sand moulds and cores with complex geometric features. Unlock the creative potential that isn't feasible with traditional sand tooling. Is your casting not quite right? Iterate your design over time by simply modifying the CAD model and re-printing. Do away with changing existing wood tooling.


Ease & Speed

Bring your innovative ideas to life quickly and easily. Dramatically reduce the time it takes to get new projects off the ground by eliminating the need to fabricate new tooling; this reduces your project start date to just a few days, not weeks or months. Get an existing project done faster than ever before and efficiently scale production volumes.


Quality, Accuracy & Repeatability

3D sand printing produces the most accurate castings as the moulds and cores generated are created directly from the CAD models. This "print from CAD" approach differs from traditional tooling creation, where human manipulation can introduce subtle deviations. Since model data doesn't alter or wear, parts are consistent from one piece to another. Using sand printing over traditional tooling also means typical casting features such as draft and parting lines no longer need to be incorporated. Eliminating these features means your casting will better represent your design intent.


Cost Savings