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What We Do

A full range of services.


Sand Castings

From 1 to 4500 lbs castings in a variety of ferrous alloys including duplex stainless steels. Castings are manufactured and designed for all industries.



Precision pattern making using traditional methods and 3D CNC Processes. We produce patterns made of wood, aluminum and foam.


Casting Simulation

Pushing the technology boundaries that others are still struggling to learn. The future is great. We have already simulated it.



Add value to your castings with a full spectrum of machining capabilities and options. Turn your project into a turnkey project.


Non-Destructive Testing

A full line of testing is available for added assurance including liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic and radiography.



High tolerance dimensional inspection of patterns and castings using state-of-the-art metrology using a FARO arm with laser scanner.


ASME Certified Welding

For each Alloy that we pour there is a weld procedure. All stick and MIG procedures are qualified in accordance with ASME Section IX.


Heat Treating

PLC controlled furnaces ensure accurate cycles. Heat temperatures and times are stored electronically for traceability and verification.

Casting Industry Associations

This list includes the topmost respected associations for the castings industry.

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