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Moulding Floor Increased Capacity

Alloy Casting is certainly not a company complacent with maintaining the “Status-Quo” and 2018 was proof of that. Last year boasted a string of improvements to our facility and operations. First on our list was the moulding floor.

During our annual summer shutdown, we decided that it was time to look at the grating in front of the furnaces. This area was always covered with an oversized grate which was installed in the early 70’s. This grate has seen its share of molten metal and over time has begun to distort making it difficult to move when needed.

The old grating was disposed of and the concrete pit that it covered was torn out. New grating was ordered and the replacement pit was built deeper than the original so that the width of the pit could be reduced. The pit must be able to hold the entire volume of all 4 furnaces in the unlikely event of an emergency. The resulting configuration gave us an additional 104 square feet of moulding room.

Although this may not seem like a lot, the expansion gives us the ability to produce enough moulds to contain approximately 118,954 pounds of additional molten metal a year. This is a number that can’t be ignored if we’re going to maintain our steady growth and our continued commitment to serving our customers better.